Founders PC Pils

Founders PC Pils

PC Pils takes all the drinkability of a crisp, German style pilsner, throws out the standard Noble hops and replaces them with citrusy, piney American ones. That’s right! This bad boy is stuffed with Cascade, Centennial, AND Chinook hops: all of the American favorites. Try some A.S.A.P: this seaonal brew will be gone before you know it and you could end up S.O.L. (we warned ya!)

Dogfish Head Sea Quench Ale

Dogfish Head Seaquench

New from Delaware’s favorite brewhouse, Sea Quench Ale is a sessionable sour beer made with lime peel, black lime and sea salt. Truth be told, it’s a blend of three different beers. The fellas (and ladies) at Dogfish Head made a tasty Kolsch with lots of wheat and Munich Malt, a Gose with black limes, coriander and sea salt, and finally a citrusy-tart Berlinerweiss made with lime juice and lime peel. These three were then blended together and BOOM! Sea Quench ale was born.

2 New Brews


FOUNDERS CURMUDGEON – A seriously deep, oak barrel aged amber ale brewed with molasses and a strong malt backbone. Founders quality take on an “old ale”, a style fading away as the beer industry evolves. Don’t miss this one: it’s only available until April.

RIVERTOWNE ALWAYS A HOME GAME – Just in time for warmer weather, longer days, and, you guessed it, LIVE BASEBALL, we’ve started carrying Rivertowne Always A Home Game. This light, crisp golden lager is perfect for tailgaiting, grilling, or just sittin’ on the couch, watching your favorite team.

New Beers!

SAM ADAMS HOPSCAPE – A seasonal wheat ale brewed with 4 types of West Coast hops. Get some now, it’s only available through the end of February.
NEW BELGIUM WHIZBANG – Hoppy blonde ale with a malty backbone, bitter finish and still light enough to be ‘sessionable.’
VICTORY CREAM ALE with COLD BREWED COFFEE – Sweet, smooth cream ale meets high quality cold brewed coffee. Drink some for breakfast: who’s stoppin ya?
LONG TRAIL BLAZE BOX – A variety pack of IPAs that shows you the many tastes of the Green Blaze IPA rainbow. The mix includes the original Green Blaze IPA, Evergreen Blaze, Grapefruit Blaze, and Citra Blaze. Truly an IPA for every taste!

Newly Added Beers


To help you make it through the Winter Blues, we went ahead and added a few new brews for you to check out. HOORAY!

LONG TRAIL UNEARTHED – This beer is dark. This beer is rich. This beer is kinda like a soil milkshake. (with 7.9% ABV, of course) Are you in the mood for a new stout to help warm you from the inside out? Check out Unearthed.

LONG TRAIL CITRUS LIMBO IPA – Long Trail has taken their popular Limbo IPA and tweaked it by adding tangerine and grapefruit. These two work in tandem to highlight the already citrusy hops of Limbo IPA, creating a truly tasty and refreshing beer.

LONG TRAIL ALE CANS – All the flavor and easy drinkability of Long Trail Amber Ale now in the convenience of a can. How can you go wrong?

OTTER CREEK FREE FLOW CANS – Free Flow is a new IPA for all you hop-heads to check out. Besides boasting a range of piney hops, Free Flow is made with a dash of oats, giving it a hazy appearance and smooth taste.

Nugget Nectar is BACK!


Hops heads rejoice!
Troegs Nugget Nectar is back!

Haven’t tried it yet? It’s like getting run over by a train of hops. And then the train stops, reverses, and runs you over again. To the right person, it’s simply HEAVENLY. Don’t believe us? Check out their reviews on BeerAdvocate.Com.

Troegs Nugget Nectar reviews, click here:

New Beers! Yay!

FAT TIRE AND FRIENDS – What happens when a group of top-shelf microbreweries join forces? Buy this case and find out!
MAGIC HAT LOW KEY – A tasty session IPA, great for sticky Summer temperatures.
BELL’S OATSMOBILE – Refreshing session Pale Ale made with lots of oats, giving it more body than your typical ale.
LEFT HAND INTROVERT IPA – Another session IPA offering from a top shelf microbrewery. Like the style? Don’t miss this one!
LEFT HAND EXTROVERT IPA – Lots of hops means lots of flavor and plenty of bitterness. Mmmmm, tasty.