Newly Added Beers


To help you make it through the Winter Blues, we went ahead and added a few new brews for you to check out. HOORAY!

LONG TRAIL UNEARTHED – This beer is dark. This beer is rich. This beer is kinda like a soil milkshake. (with 7.9% ABV, of course) Are you in the mood for a new stout to help warm you from the inside out? Check out Unearthed.

LONG TRAIL CITRUS LIMBO IPA – Long Trail has taken their popular Limbo IPA and tweaked it by adding tangerine and grapefruit. These two work in tandem to highlight the already citrusy hops of Limbo IPA, creating a truly tasty and refreshing beer.

LONG TRAIL ALE CANS – All the flavor and easy drinkability of Long Trail Amber Ale now in the convenience of a can. How can you go wrong?

OTTER CREEK FREE FLOW CANS – Free Flow is a new IPA for all you hop-heads to check out. Besides boasting a range of piney hops, Free Flow is made with a dash of oats, giving it a hazy appearance and smooth taste.

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