New Beers!

Homer Beer

Your dreams have come true: a pile of new beer just in time for the weekend! HOORAY!

BEST DAMN CHERRY COLA – The fellas that brought you “Best Damn Root Beer” now have a cherry cola variety. Cherry, fizzy, alcohol-y: ain’t nothin wrong with that!

NEW BELGIUM VARIETY PACKS – New Belgium, the popular Colorado brewery, now has a variety pack. Can’t decide between Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, Snapshot or Citradelic? Why not try them all at once!?

OMMEGANG WITTE – Ommegang is definitely one of the finest makers of Belgian style ales on this side of the Atlantic. This witbier is great for drinkers who like Blue Moon, Shock Top, or Hoegarden but would like to try something a little more refined.

BROOKLYN INSULATED LAGER – A dark and stormy lager to help insulate you from all the dark and stormy weather outside. (get it?) A must try for lager lovers.

PACIFICO 24oz CANS – It may not be summer just yet, but if you crank up the heat and crack open a few of these bad boys, you’re bound to forget your winter blues, no matter what the calendar says.

SWEET WATER HASH SESSION – A perfect balance between hoppiness and drink-ability. When Sweet Water puts there name on something, you KNOW it’s gonna be good and Hash Session is no acception.

DOGFISH HEAD BEER TO DRINK MUSIC TO – The official beer of ‘Record Store Day’ isn’t afraid to swing for the fences. Dogfish brings all their expertise to the table and this balanced, complex Belgian triple ale is the result. Get it while you can, Dogfish is only making this one once.

DOGFISH HEAD ROMANTIC CHEMISTRY – Crank up the Issac Hayes y’all, it’s gettin romantic in here! If Mr. Mango and Mrs. Apricot were to make sweet, fruity love on top of a pile of hops, the result would be this beer.

OTTER CREEK CITRA MANTRA – ‘One of a kind’ is hard to achieve these days, especially in the microbrew scene, but this well hopped brew has managed to attain the label. The self-titled “India Pils Lager” is like a hybrid of the 3 most popular beer styles in America. Not sure what type of brew to get this weekend? Try this one.

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