New Stuff, Y’all!

This week, we’ve added so many new beers that we have to limit what we write about em! So here we go, 11 news beers in 11 words or less.

BELL’S AMBER ALE – Top shelf brewing company. Slightly hoppy, slightly malty, totally delicious.

BELL’S TWO HEARTED ALE 12oz CANS – One of America’s best IPAs. Haven’t tried it yet? Your mistake.

BELL’S SMITTEN GOLDEN RYE ALE – Brewed with rye malt. A good twist on a classic.

CIDER BOYS MAGIC APPLE CANS – Strawberry / apple hard cider. Can Spring be far behind?

CIDER BOYS VARIETY – Why pick just ONE flavor when you could get FOUR?

FLYING DOG BLOODLINE BLOOD ORANGE IPA – It’s like a boxing match between blood oranges and hops.

FLYING DOG TROPICAL BITCH –¬†Belgian style IPA made with pineapple, mango, and passion fruit.

SPEAK EASY BIG DADDY IPA – Attention hops heads: Add this to your rotation ASAP.

TERRAPIN VARIETY CANS – Georgia’s own Terrapin Brewing Company variety pack… now in cans!

TWO BROTHERS WOBBLE IPA CANS – It ‘wobbles’ on the brink of being too hoppy. Get it?

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