New This Week

Beer Toast (2)

It’s cold. It’s rainy. It’s February.
The good news?
We got new beers y’all!

EVIL GENIUS PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER – Dark, rich, malty porter. All natural chocolate. Creamy peanut butter. If Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ran away from home and had a love child with a world class porter, this beer would likely be the result.

EVIL GENIUS STACY’S MOM – This is an IPA brewed for people who like the flavor of hops but could do without the bitter aftertaste. Stacy’s Mom is loaded with Citra hops- famous for their piney flavor and low bitterness- making for a remarkably smooth, drinkable final product.

JACK’S HARD CIDER – Made just 8 miles outside of historic Gettysburg, PA, Jack’s cidery uses only apples grown right here in Pennsylvania. Try to find another product made in PA using only ingredients from PA. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

LAGUNITAS UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION SHUT-DOWN ALE – The name? Confusing. The beer? Confusing. Is it an ESB? Is it an Imperial ale? Who knows! What we do know is that this hoppy, malty beer packs a 9.3% ABV punch and is made by California’s Lagunitas Brewing Company, so it’s damn tasty, mmm hmm.

SAM ADAMS NITRO WHITE ALE – Latest to dip their toe in the nitrogen widget pool: Sam Adams. This tasty white ale is made even tastier with the addition of smooth, silky nitrogen. Don’t think gas makes a big difference in your brew? Think again, beer fans.

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