A Blizzard of New Beers!

Beer Toast

This week, we’ve added a blizzard of new beers to help you keep nice and toasty warm as the snow drifts outside pile up.

SPRECHER HARD SODAS – Wisconsin based Sprecher Brewing Company has been making their line of ‘adult’ sodas looooong before the current trend exploded a few months back. You wanna know how they’ve made it this long? The stuff’s damn good, that’s how! Don’t believe me? Give some a try. We now sell their rootbeer, hard apple pie, and a variety pack that contains 4 different flavors. It’s tasty, it’s different, and it’s about 33% cheaper than their competition to boot. (seriously!)

HALF ACRE DAISY CUTTER – You like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale or Victory Headwaters? Try Daisy Cutter. As far as American Pale Ales goes, this hoppy-yet-drinkable beer is as good as any on the market. Also, it comes in a 16oz can. How can ya go wrong?

HALF ACRE GONE AWAY IPA – This is an American IPA brewed with loads of pungent, piney West Coast hops. It boasts a bitter start, mellow finish and 7% ABV. Like its counterpart above, it only comes in 16oz cans, so a few of these and you’ll understand why they call it “gone away” IPA. Get it? Good.

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