New Products

Beer Gift

Have it your way, go ahead and open your gift already.
Spoiler alert: it’s new beer.
Three cheers for new beers!
Hip hip, hooray!
Hip hip, hooray!
Hip hip, hooray!
LEINENKUGEL CRANBERRY GINGER SHANDY – Just in time for your holiday festivities, the shandy kings of the microbrew scene have released their tart, tasty cranberry ginger shandy. Grab some today, because once the calendar says “2016” this bad boy will be looooong gone.
SMALL TOWN NOT YOUR FATHER’S GINGER ALE – You’ve had the root beer, now try the ginger ale. This stuff ain’t messin’ around. Need I say more?
FRANKS RED HOT BLOODY MARY – Want all the tasty, spicy goodness of a Bloody Mary without having to bust out the Mixology 101 handbook? Check out the new Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary. Tomato, spice, and alcohol all in one bottle.
Stop by soon to check out the new trio of goodies!

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