Hops Galore!

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ATTENTION HOP ADDICTS: we’ve added two new American IPAs for your tasting pleasure! If you’re the type of drinker who thinks a good beer is basically a milkshake made with hops, you won’t want to miss out on these two.

SUMMIT SAGA IPA – They got some damn fine hops in Minnesota (who knew?) and this bad boy is loaded with enough citrusy, pine-tree smellin’ scoops of em to make your eyes water! 6.4% ABV, available year round. $37.99

CAPTAIN LAWRENCE PALATE SHIFTER – This IPA could beat up other IPAs. Probably more than one at a time. Pretty easily too. A 9% ABV Imperial (double) IPA, Palate Shifter doesn’t waste time before attacking your tongue with hoppy bitterness and then finishing you off with the fruity/piney flavors of true “American” hops. Seriously, check out Palate Shifter on BeerAdvocate.Com. We ain’t makin’ this stuff up! $51.99

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