More New Beers!

Glasses with four beers on a white background. The file contains a path to cut.
This week, we’ve added 6 NEW PACKAGES! Hooray for new beer!

HEVERLEE – First brewed close to a millennium ago, this newly revived Belgian pilsner is a must try for anyone who enjoys easy drinking Belgian beers. $36.99

KEEGAN ALES HURRICANE KITTY – A coppery, very malty American IPA, still a little rough around the edges. $39.99

KEEGAN ALES VARIETY – A variety pack from Keegan Ales, one of NY state’s fastest growing microbreweries. $39.99

** SIERRA NEVADA BEER CAMP – Brewed in collaboration with the FANTASTIC Ballast Point Brewery, this is a heavily hopped blonde lager that packs a 7% ABV punch. $39.99

SIERRA NEVADA 4-WAY IPA – A tasty selection of 4 different IPAs made by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. $39.99

** VICTORY 19 – To help celebrate their 19th year in action, Victory has released this hoppy yet drinkable session IPA. $36.99

** – Seasonal brew, only available for a few weeks.

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