MORE Winter Beers Have Arrived!

Winter Beer

This week, we added the following SEASONAL BREWS to our shelves. Keyword: SEASONAL! Get em now, cause they won’t be around long after the holidays!

WEYERBACHER QUAD – This is one PA brewers take on the world-class Trappist ales of Belgium. Not for the faint of heart, this strong, dark quadruple ale will leave any Scrooge or Grinch grinning from ear to ear. At 11.8% ABV, it’s not hard to see why!
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $60.14

VICTORY HOP RANCH – A bit of a change of pace amongst winter brews, Hop Ranch is an extremely citrusy, piney American double IPA, sometimes called ‘imperial IPAs’ due to their high ABV and boldness of flavor. This is a great example of the style, blending the POW! of an imperial with the refreshing drinkability of a pale ale.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $47.99

LEINENKUGEL’S SNOWDRIFT VANILLA PORTER – This dark, malty winter porter has all the hints of coffee, cocoa and caramel common to the style but takes it up a notch by aging the brew with real vanilla. The result is smooth as ice, juuuust after the Zamboni does it’s thing.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $35.99

LEINENKUGEL’S CRANBERRY GINGER SHANDY – So say it’s wintertime, and you’re in Wisconsin for some god-awful reason, what do ya do? Make some tasty shandy, duh! And that’s just what the good fellas at Leinenkugel’s did! Wisconsin grows more cranberries than any US state, and they’ve used plenty of them to make this tasty, fruity beer with the added kick of fresh ginger. How can you go wrong?
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $35.99

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