New Month, New Beer!

SHINER HOLIDAY CHEER – This seasonal brew from Shiner- one of the Lone Star State’s best breweries- is sure to put a smile on any Scrooge’s face. Holiday Cheer is a dunkelweizen which, for those of you who don’t speak ‘beer’, means it’s a dark, malty German style wheat beer. Much like a holiday fruit cake, this beer is made with lots of pecans and peaches, giving a unique, distinctly Christmassy flavor to the final product.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $35.99

STRAUB VARIETY PACK – Straub Brewery is one of PA’s best kept beer secrets. Simply put: people who’ve had it swear by it, people who haven’t are missing out. This variety pack is a great way to check out what they have to offer! It comes with 4 of their fabulous brews: Helles, 1872 Lager, IPL, and Doppelbock. One taste, and you just may have yourself a new favorite local brew house.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $33.99

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