4 New Beers!

LAGUNITAS DAYTIME – Day Time is a toasty, hoppy IPA with a smooth finish and lower alcohol content, perfect for sipping throughout the day when you got a bunch of stuff to do! It’s also a seasonal brew, so get it now while it’s still around.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $37.99

LAGUNITAS LIL SUMPIN’ EXTRA – This beer has all the flavor of the popular Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale with the ‘extra’ twist of lots and lots of tasty wheat. DO NOT, however, think of this as your “typical summer wheat beer.” No sir, this here beer packs an 8.5% ABV wallop behind that wheaty, summery façade. Get it while you can, as Lil Sumpin’ Extra is only available in July and August.
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $42.99

DOGFISH HEAD SAISON DU BUFF – This beer is a collaboration between three hugely popular, widely respected microbreweries: Dogfish Head, Victory, and Stone. It is a saison style beer brewed with lots of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. With these three brewers coming together in an effort to highlight the abilities of and camaraderie amongst American microbrewers, how could ya go wrong?
**24 Pack of 12oz Bottles – $53.99

DOGFISH HEAD 75 MINUTE IPA – 75 Minute IPA is- as the name may have clued you into- a mix between Dogfish’s popular 60 Minute IPA and their 90 Minute IPA. To give 75 Minute it’s own special place in the sun, they added loads of maple syrup. Kinda like a beer pancake. Or beer waffles.
**12 Pack of 750ml Bottles – $109.99

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