This Just In…!!

Awww yea, we got

Ithaca Box Of Belgians – The highly acclaimed NY-based Ithaca Beer Company has just released a variety pack of their fine, Belgian style ales. If you like the pink-in-the-air fanciness of the Belgian imports, but prefer the price of a good ole’ American beer, check out this bad boy.

Shock Top 16oz Cans – Shock Top is releasing a handful of their best sellers in 16oz cans. The selection includes Shock Top Belgian White, Honeycrisp Apple Wheat, and Lemon Shandy.

Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat – This is a Belgian style wheat ale spiced with honey, caramel, a variety of brewing spices. As if that wasn’t enough, this brew is then aged in bourbon barrels. With this much goin’ on (honey, wheat, spices, bourbon…) it’s bound to have a lil somethin’ for everyone!

Shock Top Lemon Shandy – A ‘shandy’ is a beer brewed with (or flavored with) fruit, most often lemon. Massively popular in Europe, this style has just made its way across the pond, and boy-oh-boy is it tasty! Imagine if beer and lemonade had a sweet, sweet lovechild. BOOM!

Tennet’s Lager – Tennet’s is a Euro Pale Lager, the same style as Heineken and Stella Artois. This means it is a light, easy drinking lager with the after bite of a pale ale. If you like the style, you’ll love this brew.

Roy Pitz Daddy Fat Sacks IPA – Yes, you read that right: it’s called Daddy Fat Sacks. This is a bold, dark-ish American IPA that tastes of bright, in-your-face hop piney/citrusy goodness and packs a 7.5% ABV kick.

Roy Pitz Best Blonde – Best Blonde is a kolsch style lager. Kolsch is (or, WAS) an obscure German style beer until a handful of American brewhouses fell in love with the style. Kolsch is a pale colored, light bodied brew that has a higher level of hop bitterness than most lagers. Best Blonde is great for anyone looking to try an up-and-coming beer style.

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