3 New Beers!

black beerJust under the wire for 2013…

Victory Hop Ranch – Strong, sharp, ever-so-slightly citrusy. Victory has a thing for American Hops and they aren’t affraid to show it.  **24/12oz Bottles for $45.99

Boulder Shake – Imagine a nice malty, dark porter had a baby with a cup of coffee and a Hershey’s Bar. BOOM! You have Boulder Shake.  **24/12oz Bottles for $38.99

Caldera IPA – For those of you who Rip Van Winkled away the last 2 decades, the American West coast has become one of the best beer brewing regions in the entire world. Caldera IPA, from Oregon, is a great example of why.  **24/12oz Bottles for $45.99

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