Spring Surge Of New Products!

THIS JUST IN! Over the last week, we’ve added a handful of new products to our already wide selection. They are…

Bud Chelada- This is a mixture of Budweiser and spicy Clamato (a mix of clam and tomato juices). Flavorwise, think of it as the beer-drinkin cousin of a Bloody Mary.

Budweiser Bowtie Cans- These are for the Bud collectors out there. Same idea as ‘regular’ Budweiser, but in a sleek, hour-glass shaped can.

Kona Big Wave- A tasty, light, crisp golden ale from Kona, you’re favorite Hawaiian brewing company.

Sam Adam’s Porch Rocker- You ain’t cool unless you brew a shandy these days. Not wanting to be left too far behind, Sammy finally released Porch Rocker, a crisp summery ale brewed with lemon essense and lemonade.

Stella Cidre- Don’t worry, this hard apple cider is much better than Stella’s spelling. “Cidre”… gimme a break.

Shiner Bock- This was, hands down, the most requested beer that was not available in Pennsylvania. Not available… until now! Dark German style lager. Mmmmm, tasty.

Shiner Ruby Redbird- A crisp summer seasonal brew made with red grapefruit and ginger. Smooth and drinkable with a serious kick. Enjoy it now, before it’s gone for the year!

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